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Wednesday 14 August 2013

You’re all-capable, as long as you wish for it to be so!

Did you ever realize how fetching it is to walk into the brackish depths of depression ? 
At some point in life we come to accept, that there are indeed, worse things than death but as a matter-of-fact, darkness does not have any answers. 

The days apparently are chaotic; people often come into the clutches of subterfuge that keeps absorbing them, and then there occurs a ludicrous dearth of potency, belying the fact that all power lies within.

You’re all-capable, as long as you wish for it to be so!

Science, the beacon of truth, sets you free. “There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. 

Every single circumstances of your life can change! ” cited Rhonda Byrne. You are a manifestation of what you believe in.

Sudden realisations of utter loneliness are sometimes enough to shake the very basis of your confidence. If you keep thinking negative, similar events will follow. Each day shall be the same, every step a fitful sleep of dark dreams. 

Have the boldness to take control of yourself and have a solid belief that you will always succeed in your undertakings. Be confident. Be grateful to God for everything you have, however seemingly small it is. Wouldn’t you like reverting back to the traditional triumphant demeanor? If yes, unleash your art. Make sure you pursue your passion, slog hard to achieve your goals and always strive for excellence in whatever you do.
Some lessons have to be learnt. Keep in mind that it is when you are at your lowest that life teaches you a million things that guide you to the path of excellence.” 

It’s a blessing in disguise, and be suitably grateful. 

 What’s better in life than being a man of great disposition? Remind yourself daily, that you are awesome, and that you don’t need approval for it. So get started! Choose to move in the direction of your goal , face your fears, and whenever you fall, stand up, brush yourself and get moving, again.

Have faith in yourself. Believe that you have the right to be successful and that you deserve every happiness in the world, ‘coz after all, the only thing wrong with belief is not having it! 

Keep Fighting, make a fuss and Believe in Yourself! 

Be the Titan! 

Rise and Shine!


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